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Welcome to the 2018 Goal-Getter Games!

BRAND NEW! It is time to go for the Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal with our 2018 Goal-Getter Games! Check our the exciting challenges from Figure Skating to Cross Country Skiing! Have some fun, boost your sales and go for the GOLD!

Top three Go-Getters will receive their very own medal!  

Gold Medal: Top Go-Getter
Silver: 2nd Place Go-Getter
Bronze: 3rd Place Go-Getter

Start the Goal-Getter Games 2018

About Digital Cookie

Girls who used Digital Cookie™ sold 76% more Girl Scout Cookies than girls who didn't—so amazing.

With Digital Cookie™ you can:

  • Personalize  your own cookie site
  • Play interactive games
  • Watch videos
  • Enjoy printable activities
  • Take fun quizzes
  • And more—all while taking your cookie sale to the next level!

Excited to jump in? Get movin’ with the Digital Cookie platform in four easy steps.

Training and Safety Resources

Digital Cookie Training Videos


Digital Cookie Training Videos
Safety is Our Top Priority 

Before participating in any money-earning Girl Scout activity, it is super important that girls and adults review the following materials—and remember to print and sign the Internet Safety Pledge.

Safety in Technology Based Sales

Girl Scouts use the Internet for a variety of reasons including the online marketing and sale of approved Girl Scout related products. Below are some key points to keep in mind for all online sales and marketing:

  1. Girls must read, understand and accept the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge, prior to conducting any online sales or marketing activities.
  2. Girls may send email messages to alert friends and relatives about product sales and accept customer commitments via email.
  3. Social media sites may be used to market product, however, all applicable GSUSA and council guidelines must be followed.
  4. Girls writing product emails or announcements online should sign with their first names only, their troop/group number or name and their council name.
  5. Personal emails or street addresses of girls should never be used. Instead, use one of the following:

- A blind return address account where the girls’ name or personal e‐mail is not revealed to the customer and is instead hosted on a secure site

- A group account, monitored by an adult

- An adult’s email account, which is supervised by that adult

For Digital Cookie® there are additional, specific guidelines, some of which are:

  1. Girls must read and accept the Girl Scout Digital Cookie Pledgebefore they can participate in Digital Cookie
  2. Volunteers must read and accept the Digital Cookie Terms and Conditions for Volunteers before they can participate in Digital Cookie
  3. Girls may only post about their participation on Digital Cookie on social media that allows them to restrict access to friends and family (e.g. Facebook).
  4. Parents/guardians must approve the content of a girl’s Digital Cookie web page before it goes live
  5. For girls under 13 years old, a parent/guardian must manage the girl’s web site and be responsible for all content. In other words, girls under 13 are not allowed to post anything to their websites; it must be done by their parent/guardian.


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