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Bringing you bright ideas with support from PPL! 

Our STEM Mobile is ready to hit the road for the 2018-2019 Girl Scout year and bring bright ideas to Girl Scouts and community partners across our 30 county footprint! We now have a fleet of 3 STEM Mobiles and 18 curriculum options to choose from, including the arts. The mobile STEM lab is packed with hands-on, innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) exploration from robotics to virtual reality!

Did you know? STEM Mobile programming is FREE for all GSHPA members! Have more questions? Check out our FAQ!

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Program availability is seasonal. Please see the 2018-2019 G.I.R.L. Guide to find out what programs are available on your desired date!

  • LeaveNoTrace

    Learn how to minimize your negative impact on the environment as you explore the outdoors!

  • Robotics

    Get hands-on with real robots and learn how to code to make your robot move, change its colors, and more! 

  • VirtualReality

    Travel to new and exciting places using our virtual reality viewers!

  • It's-Electric

    Discover how circuits work and explore how electricity powers the world around us every day! 

  • Catapult

    Launch into fun while testing your physics, engineering, and mathematics skills by building your own catapult!

  • FindingHappiness

    Unleash the happiness within by learning skills for leading a happy life, thinking positive, helping others, and practicing healthy habits! 

  • Leadership101

    Let your inner Leader shine by exploring higher awards, service projects, and more!

  • 3D-Design

    Explore your creativity in 3D!

  • adulting

    Prepare for the “real world” by learning important financial life skills!

  • artofnature

    Let nature be your inspiration as you design and create art!

  • masterbuilders

    Channel your inner Innovator as you engineer your own building block structures!

  • getmoving

    Explore the ways you can have fun while staying fit and making healthy choices!

  • letitgrow

    Examine the process of plant growth from seed to bloom!

  • mapandcompass

    Navigate your world using traditional map and compass reading skills!

  • wildaboutanimals

    Discover how every feathery, scaly, furry, and fluffy friend has an important role in our environment!

  • stellarstructures

    Take your engineering skills to the next level by designing and building structural masterpieces!

  • stemonthemove

    Test your STEM knowledge and get your heart pumping as you wiggle, skip, and jump into the science of movement! 

  • watersheds

    Go with the flow and discover how watersheds source all of the water humans, animals, and plants need to survive!


Energetic Patch with Programming!

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Girl Scouts, you are going to learn a ton of new skills with our STEM Mobile! You deserve a patch for all your discovery! 


See the STEM Mobile in action!