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Volunteer Training

You make big things happen every day at Girl Scouts and our fun, convenient and accessible training will give you know-how expertise to make an even bigger impact in your Girl Scouts’ lives!  

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming training opportunities or contact your Membership Associate for more information.


Required Training

Volunteer Orientation is the only required training and a great starting point for learning all the must-knows of being a Girl Scout Leader and Assistant Leaders.

Training that Opens Opportunities for Girls

First Aid Training* is required if leaders plan to take their troop on trips (near or far) even just when traveling away from the normal meeting spot.

Outdoor Basics is required to take a troop camping and gives you firsthand experience with cooking over a camp fire while learning about tent care, cleaning practices, health and safety concerns, and fun down-time activities for Girl Scouts.

Other Outdoor Trainings are available throughout the year for any outdoor enthusiast or adventure seeker. You’ll have fun, learn something new and be able to provide your troop with an awesome new experiences like:






High Ropes (Facilitation)


Low Ropes (Facilitation)

Online Training Resources

Girl Scouting 101

Child Abuse Training

*To see specifics on the number of required Girl Scout First Aiders per activity, refer to our Safety Activity Checkpoints or ask your Membership Associate. Looking to go more remote with your camping trips? Inquire about the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Wilderness First Responder (WFR)