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Shout Out Girl Scout!

Q: What do medicine bottles and Malawi (Africa) have in common? 
A: Junior Girl Scout Troop 71346 from Lititz, PA!

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Junior Troop 71346 collected thousands of empty, clean medicine bottles for  Malawian clinics to use for its patients in need of prescriptions. Without these donations, patients carried medications home in scraps of paper causing many patients to lose or damage their medicine. 

"The pill bottles are something small of us, but is really big to people who don't have what we do," said Keira. The troop connected with their families and friends, libraries, churches and synagogues, animal clinics and more to collect the bottles.

The troop found that many people didn't know that the bottles they were throwing away could be used again. "Donations are their main source. A plastic bottle can be a reusable bottle," explained Shayna. 

Overall, they collected seven, big, grocery bags and shipped two cartons overseas. "I feel really empowered by what we've done," said Jessie.

"It is amazing how one little act of kindness can change a lot of people's lives," added Gillian. 

Troop 71346 not only earned their Bronze Award for their hard work, but they presented their research and project to the community during an International Fair to celebrate World Thinking Day. 



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