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Unity Binds Girl Scouts Together


Unity is an idea that is widespread in Girl Scouts from sporting badges, sashes and Girl Scout green; holding hands in a Friendship Circle; and promising to always being there for one another. And GSHPA made just that promise to its volunteers by announcing UNITY, the word of the year, during the 2015 Volunteer KickOff, held on Sept. 12th in Harrisburg.


Every attendee was asked to think of word that would inspire them throughout the Girl Scout year. “As a membership team, our word is unity,” said Suzanne Moore, Girl Scout in the Heart of Pennsylvania’s (GSHPA) Chief Operations Officer (COO) as she opened the event. “We will never be successful in growing membership, creating exciting programs, or building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place unless the relationship between every volunteer and our staff is stronger.”


And with that the strength training began. Hundreds of Girl Scout volunteers and staff came together to prepare for a strong start to a new Girl Scout year. Staff shared exciting programs and volunteers explored new-happenings like outdoor programs, Change It Up! Year 2, camp properties, and strategic sharing.  


Discussion and networking stirred up brainstorming ideas as volunteers and staff got energized to serve over 20,000 Girl Scouts across the council over the next year. And in true Girl Scout fashion, silliness ensued as volunteers and staff posed for photos and shared their inspiring word (see the word cloud below).


Even though the 2015 Volunteer KickOff ended with a bang (of sparkly confetti), the word UNITY will continue to be a binding theme between staff and volunteers to help give our Girl Scouts the best year ever.


See more of GSHPA’s 2015 Volunteer KickOff by visiting our Instagram (@GSHeartPA) at #volunCHEER or check out our Facebook!