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STEAM Summer Kickoff

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Monday, June 14 – Friday, June 18

Start your summer with Girl Scouts! Join the Program Team June 14 – June 18 for a STEAM Summer Kickoff! Each day is filled with a series of GSHPA live events and independent activities. New this year – the addition of Program Partner events and activities! These will include STEAM activities presented by Pennian Bank, Da Vinci Science Center, and more! Be sure to register for our morning and afternoon live events and visit the STEAM Summer Kickoff webpage for more information and how to register for the events!

Be sure to visit this webpage frequently for updates on program registration, independent activities, and more!

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Event Types

STEAM Events
Science Technology Engineering

Art Mathematics  

Event Schedule


10:00-11:00 AM EST

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4:30-5:30 PM EST

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STEAM Field Guides


GSHPA Program Team

Use the Force

Da Vinci Science Center


The Art of Writing & Illustration

GSHPA Program Team with guest author Casie Fowler

Frozen Science Show

Da Vinci Science Center


Friends and Foes of Plants

Dickinson College Farm

Wild and Wonderful World of Botany

GSHPA Program team with guest Chris Firestone from the PA DCNR


Making Dollars and Sense

Pennian Bank

Balloon Bonanza!

GSHPA Program Team



Byrnes Health Education Center

The Science of Self-Care

GSHPA Program Team

Kickoff Keynote Speaker Event

On Monday, June 14th, we will host our STEAM Summer Kickoff Keynote: NASA Exploration with NASA astrophysicist Dr. Joanne Hill-Kittle at 6:00 PM EST. Girls will have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Hill-Kittle about her experiences and get advice on what they need to do to use their perseverance and ingenuity to succeed.

Independent Activities 

Complete one or all of these activities throughout the week! Explore STEAM topics with GSHPA independent activities and make new discoveries with programs from Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Dickinson College Farm, and Da Vinci Science Center!

After you complete activities and attend live events, make sure to complete the survey and order your STEAM patch!

GSHPA Independent Activities


  • Leave No Trace: In this activity, girls will learn about the 7 Leave No Trace Principles and what they can do to help make the world a better place!
  • Electromagnet: In this activity, girls will be creating an electromagnet! Younger girls will need adult supervision.


  • 3D Design: In this activity, girls will learn about 3D shapes and 3D technology!
  • Robo Helping Hand: In this activity, girls will learn how engineering and technology go hand-in-hand by creating an assistive technology device!


  • Edible Destruction: In this activity, girls will follow the Engineering Design Process and create their own earthquake-resistant structures with edible ingredients!
  • Pop Fly: In this activity, girls are faced with an engineering design challenge: create a device that can launch a ball across the room! Girls will learn about the Design Process and different forces of energy.


  • Paint a Mood: In this activity, girls will discover how colors and mood impact their art!
  • Printmaking: In this activity, girls will create new prints and designs on paper!


  • Parabolic Curves: In this activity, the girls will explore the area where math and art collide – parabolic curves, making curves from straight lines!
  • Fibonacci Number: In this activity, girls will learn about how math is all around us by observing math in nature before creating some art using the Fibonacci number sequence!
Chesapeake Bay Foundation Independent Activities

The Watershed Journey of A Raindrop:

  • A watershed is an area of land that contributes water to a body of water. The Chesapeake Bay’s watershed is made up of about 64,000 square miles of land that includes six states and the District of Columbia. In this video, watch the journey of Rio, the Raindrop as it falls to the land near the Appalachian Mountains and travels through various streams and rivers on its way downhill to the Chesapeake Bay. Along the route, Rio, like other raindrops, is affected by pollution as well as natural filters that make the water cleaner. After watching the video, work on our How Does the Land Affect the Water? Investigation to explore facts and features related to the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Importance of Trees:

  • Trees are among nature’s most important natural filters. They clean our air and water as well as provide shade and habitat for animals. But how much do you really know about them? Can you identify different species of trees that grow in the Chesapeake Bay region? Did you know that a tree’s rings can be used to determine how old it is and even if certain weather events occurred during its lifetime? In this video, educators Liz and Ronnie will walk you through how trees improve water quality, how to identify them, and how you can analyze tree rings. In the companion investigation, you can learn more about how important trees are to the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.

Riparian Buffers and Clean Water:

  • Riparian buffers, which are trees, shrubs, or other vegetation along a stream or waterway, are an important tool to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. The plants help filter pollutants that would otherwise enter the stream and ultimately the Bay. The buffers reduce land erosion and sediment delivery to streams or sedimentation, which can be harmful to stream health. Although erosion and sedimentation are natural processes, inappropriate land use can accelerate their impact and cause sediment pollution. In this video, CBF Field educator Liz Yocom details how riparian buffers can improve stream health and identifies several macroinvertebrates that can be found in streams. After watching the video, complete the Riparian Buffer Investigation.

Freshwater Stream Health:

  • The Chesapeake Bay watershed is composed of a network of streams and rivers that funnels freshwater from the land into the Bay. Over time, many of these streams have been negatively impacted by human activity, which has reduced the water quality entering the Bay and caused a loss of biodiversity. In this video, educator Doug Walters explores a tributary stream and discusses how to evaluate its health. After watching the video, see if you can identify key factors related to stream health in our physical freshwater stream investigation What Makes A Healthy Stream? and our biological freshwater stream investigation What Lives in Our Freshwater Stream?.

Freshwater Wetlands:

  • In this video, follow along with CBF educator and boat captain Ben Carver to learn about natural freshwater wetlands in the Bay watershed, what lives in them, and how they are threatened. Then dive into our Freshwater Wetlands Investigation.
STEAM Summer Kick off CK Foundation
Dickinson College Farm Independent Activities

The Dickinson College Farm is a 60-acre USDA Certified Organic living laboratory. Located just six miles from campus, the farm has more than 15 acres of vegetable production ground and 30 acres of animal pasture. The farm supports the academic interests of students and faculty, promotes renewable energy through a variety of innovative applications, and builds a greater awareness about how food is generated using techniques that help sustain natural ecosystems.

Sustainable Earth Education (SEED) at the Dickinson College Farm aims to provide creative agricultural learning experiences for children's groups in the area. Since we were unable to have groups come to the farm this past year, our SEED student educator, Claire, has made educational videos to bring the farm to you. Our series of SEED videos cover topics including the lifecycle of a tomato, biogas: renewable energy at the farm, livestock at the farm, soil, and home gardening. Each video includes worksheets and activity directions linked in the description box. You can find all five of our SEED videos on the Dickinson College Farm YouTube Channel:

Tomato video:
Biogas video:
Livestock video:
Home Gardening:

STEAM summer kickoff dickinson college
Da Vinci Science Center Independent Activities

The Da Vinci Science Center is a science museum and nonprofit organization in Allentown, Pennsylvania, that has been a leader in "bringing science to life and lives to science", as its mission states, since 1992. Its slogan is Open for ExSCIting Possibilities.

Experiment with Bubbles: Bubble Making

• 1 cup of water
• 1/8 cup of dish soap
• 1/8 cup of light corn syrup
• bowl
• spoon
• bubble wand or straw

Make Your Own Ice Cream: It’s Camp – Ice Cream

• insulated gloves (knit gloves)
• sugar
• half and half or heavy whipping cream
• milk
• vanilla extract
• plastic zip-top baggies
• ice
• table salt
• thermometer (optional)

Math & Art: Mathematical Art

• Paper
• pencil/markers
• yarn
• cardboard (cereal box works well)
• Scissors

Science of Music Cuica Cups: It’s Camp – Cuica Cups

• cylinder-shaped container (for example oatmeal canister, plastic cup, or paper cup)
• string or wooden skewer
• hot glue

Science of Animation: It’s Camp - Animation

• Paper and cardboard (like a recycled cereal box)
• skewer or pencil
• tape
• markers
• sticky notes or index cards
• Binder clips

STEAM Summer Kick off Da Vinci
STEAM Summer Kickoff Survey & Patch Order Form

After you have attended the live events and completed independent activities, please fill out the STEAM Summer Kickoff Participation Survey! This is where you can order a STEAM patch to commemorate your experience and provide feedback on the live events and independent activities. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

STEAM Summer Kickoff Participation Survey

STEAM summer kickoff STEAM patch

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Between June 1st and August 22nd, girls who complete 25 activities from the Summer Scavenger Hunt, may purchase the patch from our council store. Girls who complete 50 activities will be entered to win a special prize!

Once the activities are completed, fill out the form with a summary of what you completed and submit electronically to confirm that you have earned the Summer Scavenger Hunt patch.

You will be notified via email when the patches are available in the shop for purchase. 

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