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Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania STEAM Mobile: our mobile STEAM lab is packed with hands-on, innovative experiments from robotics to virtual reality!


GSHPA STEAM Mobile goes Virtual! 

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Bringing you bright ideas with support from PPL! 

Our STEAM Mobile (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) is ready to visit you virtually for the 2020-2021 Girl Scout year and bring bright ideas to Girl Scouts and community partners across our 30 counties in Central Pa and NEPA! Our Program Coordinators are hard at work and are excited to bring you programs virtually! This year, 10 programs have been adapted for virtual programming.

What’s new? Virtual STEAM Mobile programming will be offered certain days of the week with a set program topic. Check out the schedule and sign up individually or with your troop for the days that work for your schedule! Programs are divided into 2 sections based on Girl Scout level. Girls are responsible for their own supplies

Did you know? Virtual STEAM Mobile programming is FREE for all GSHPA members? Have more questions? Check out our FAQ to see how registration has changed.

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Check out our STEAM Mobile Program topics!

  • Leave No Trace Awareness: learn how to help the environment as you explore the outdoors!
  • Leave No Trace – Leave No Trace meets the Arts! Join us as we explore how the #LNT principles can be applied to your life and the outdoors in a dramatic way!
    Supplies Needed:
    - Costumes and props found around the house (you do not need to gather these ahead of time)

    Meets badge requirements:
    Daisy Trail Adventure: Step 2
    Brownie Hiker: Step 2
    Junior Eco Camper: Step 1
    Cadette Eco Trekker: Step 1

  • STEAM Mobile robotics: learn how to code and make robots move
  • Robotics
    Design and create your own robot prototype while learning what makes a robot and why they are important to our future!
    Supplies needed:
    - Paper, pencil, things to color with, materials to create a robot prototype (think boxes, aluminum foil, cups, building blocks, tape, etc.)
    Meets badge requirements:
    Daisy Robotics 1, What Robots Do: Steps 1-3
    Daisy Robotics 3, Design a Robot, Steps 1-3
    Brownie Robotics 2, Designing Robots: Steps 3-5
    Junior Robotics 2, Designing Robots, Steps 1-5
    Cadette Robotics 2, Designing Robots: Steps 1 - 5
    Senior Robotics 2, Designing Robots: Steps 1 - 5
    Ambassador Robotics 2, Designing Robots: Steps 1 – 5

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Learn how experts observe, interpret, and look at art to change the way you see art, technology, and the world.
  • Perspectives of Art
    Become an abstract artist! Dive into the world of color and learn about and create your own abstract art.
    Supplies needed:
    Paper, pencil, things to color with, and the ability to get up and move around

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Discover virtual reality—watch your drawing come alive and hold the solar system in the palm of your hands.
  • Augmented Reality
    Learn about our virtual world with Augmented Reality! Watch 2D drawings come to life and learn how to create an app without technology!
    Supplies needed:
    - Paper, pencil, things to color with, Quiver App - free and found in the App - Store for smartphones and tablets, printed Quiver coloring sheet (included in confirmation email). If you do not have a printer, you can use your computer and the Paint application.
    Meets badge requirements:
    Daisy Coding for Good 3: App Development, Step 2
    Brownie Computer Expert, Steps 1 and 5
    Brownie Coding for Good 3: App Development, Step 3
    Junior Coding for Good 3: App Development, Step 3

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Learn how to solve a mystery with secret codes and detective skills
  • Science of Escape
    Explore the world of secret codes and detectives, then test your skills through a series of super sleuth activities!
    Supplies needed:
    - Multiple sheets of paper, pencil, washable markers or ink pad, tape, and hand wipes/paper towels.
    Meets badge requirements for:
    Daisy Cybersecurity 3: Investigator, Steps 1-3
    Brownie Cybersecurity 3: Investigator, Steps 1-2
    Junior Detective, Steps 1-4
    Cadette Special Agent, Steps 1, 2, 3, & 5

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Learn how to design art in 3D!
  • 3D Design Challenge: Put on your thinking cap and figure out how you can create difficult your own 3D world! Then, make the world a better place as a biomedical engineering helping people and animals!
    Supplies needed:
    - 10-20 sheets of paper
    - Crayons or colored pencils
    - Scissors
    - Tape
    - Playdough (optional)
    Meets badge requirements:
    Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Think Like an Engineer Journey: Step 3

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Learn about the world of weather with Accuweather meterology.
  • Meteorology
    Learn more about the fascinating world of weather and the science of meteorology! Developed in partnership with Accuweather.
    Supplies needed:
    - Paper, pencil, things to color with, scissors, tape/stapler, paper cut into strips/string/streamers
    Meets requirements for:
    Daisy-Space Science Explorer Step 1
    Brownie – Outdoor Adventure Step 2
    Brownie – Outdoor Art Creator Step 5
    Junior – Outdoor Art Explorer, Step 5
    Cadette – Outdoor Art apprentice Step 5
    Seniors – Sky Badge Step 1,2
    Senior – Outdoor Art Master, Step 5

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Engineer your own building block structures: build complex Lego designs

  • Master Builders – Become a master builder! Learn about the steps it takes to design and build structures you see every day. Developed in partnership with Mowery Construction.
    Supplies Needed:
    - 5-10 sheets of paper
    - Pencil
    - A bunch of 1 item such as coins, paper clips, or small magnets
    - Two books or small boxes of the same size or width
    - Blocks
    Meets badge requirements:
    Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Think Like an Engineer Journey: Step 1

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Learn why plants and animals become endangered species
  • Endangered Animals – Understand the importance of biodiversity in an ecosystem! Learn why plants and animals become endangered and what you can do to help!
    Supplies needed:
    - Paper
    - Markers
    Meets badge requirements:
    Daisy Eco Learner: Step 2
    Brownie Eco Friend: Step 4
    Junior Animal Habitats: Step 1,2,4,5
    Cadette Animal Helpers: Step 1
    Senior Eco Explorer: Step 1

  • STEAM Mobile Program: Navigate your world using traditional map and compass reading skills!
  • Map and Compass: Learn the basics of how to read a map and use a compass.
    Supplies Needed:
    - Paper
    - Crayons or colored pencils
    - Device with a compass (smartphone or tablet) or a real compass

Virtual STEAM mobile registration goes live on September 23rd. Check back next week to register


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