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Nature Explorers

Nature Explorers is a signature volunteer-led program of Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. Their objective is to bring the outdoors and nature to Girl Scouts through hands-on activities and games.

Nature Explorers offers 2-3 hour programs in a variety of topics. They will travel to day camps, service unit events, troop meetings, and council-led events and will gladly meet with you to customize a program that is right for your group. In addition, Nature Explorers is available to do a program as part of your experience at one of the four GSHPA camp properties!

As you plan your stay at one of the four GSHPA camp properties, reach out to Nature Explorers for a morning, afternoon, or all day program on one of the topics listed below! Reach out to Sharon at to inquire about the team member’s availability. There is a small fee associated with Nature Explorers programming for their purchase of supplies and providing a patch to your girls.

Program Options

-Daisy Animal Families: Can you name what different species of animal babies are called? Do you know whether they hatch from an egg or are born live? Do both parents care for the young, one parent, or are the young on their own?

-Daisy Animal Homes: Look at what the homes of different animals are made of, where they can be found, and create a bird nest replica to take home.
            *Note: Daisy Animal Families and Daisy Animal Homes are designed to provide program to Daisy Girl Scouts for the two year span they are at that level.

-Animal Survival: Ever wonder how animals manage to survive in the extreme cold or heat? Learn about adaptations animals use to survive.

-Birds: What makes a bird a bird? Why do some birds migrate? Compare your arm span to different wing spans.

-Fossils: Discover how fossils are made and dig for fossils.

-Rocks and Minerals: What are sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks? Where are they found? Learn how to start your own collection.

-Endangered Species: Determine the difference between threatened, endangered, and extinct. Learn why certain animals are endangered and what you can do to protect them.

-Amphibians: Learn about amphibians, including some of their characteristics, and know where to find them.

-Insects: Help build an insect to learn their body parts, then follow the life of some insects to learn what hard workers they are.

-Mammals: What makes an animal a mammal? Did you know there are some very unique mammals? Name some mammals living near you and look at some mammal skulls.

-Oceans: Do you know the ocean has layers? Discover the different creatures that live in the ocean.

-Rainforests: Travel with us through hands-on activities to discover where rainforests are, what lives in them, why they are important, and what you can do to help protect them.

-Reptiles: Experience games and hands-on activities to discover the special features and behaviors of reptiles.

-Stars and Constellations: What is a star and what is it made of? Act out the stories of constellations and make a celestial craft.

-Trees: Identify leaves and bark of different types of trees via a nature hike outdoors. Do you know the difference between deciduous and coniferous trees? What are trees used for?

-Weather: Meteorology is fascinating! Learn why we have weather and about tools used to predict the weather.

-Plants: Do you know what photosynthesis is? Look closely at the parts of flowers to discover each part.

-Pond, Lake, or Stream Study: Use hands-on activities to learn what lives in a pond, lake, or stream.

-Wildlife Habitats: Through hands-on activities learn what a habitat is, discover types of habitats, and experience time in a habitat to see and hear who lives there.



  • Patch
  • Participants in a Nature Explorers program will receive a patch and rocker for their initial program and then a rocker for each unique program that they attend after their first program.  


Meet the Volunteers


The Nature Explorers volunteers are all registered Girl Scouts, many of whom are Lifetime Members! In 2017, GSHPA presented the Nature Explorers volunteer team with the GSUSA President’s Award!

Have questions about Nature Explorers, interested in having them come to your event, or interested in volunteering with Nature Explorers? Reach out to Sharon at

Have questions about our programs? Reach out to our Member Services team at or 800-692-7816.