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COVID-19 Updates and Announcements


*Please note, all guidance and information are subject to change at any time due to state and federal mandates.

Girl Scouts are resilient! And here at GSHPA, that has become very apparent as we continue to navigate through this ever-changing situation. And while we are all anxious and excited to be resuming Girl Scout activities, the safety and well-being of our girls, volunteers, and staff will continue to be our first priority. We understand that guidance on what is safe for our troops and groups is necessary to move forward. GSHPA has developed the following safety requirements and guidance for our members.

Please note that we have and will continue to follow state, federal and GSUSA guidance and safety protocol, including the CDC and the PA Department of Health, as well as GSUSA guidelines. GSUSA and GSHPA reserve the right to require additional safety requirements above and beyond state and federal requirements to continue to ensure the safety of our members and their families.

As we have all learned over this past year, the guidance and information are constantly evolving, so please know that we will modify any and all recommendations to align with state and federal mandates.

GSHPA will continue to keep the safety and well-being of our members and their families our top priority. We understand that each Girl Scout family must determine what is right for them. We encourage our Troop Leaders and Service Unit Leads to continue to stay connected with families to understand their engagement levels as activities are being planned.

GSHPA COVID-19 Requirements

Below are requirements for all GSHPA members to follow for all in-person Girl Scout activities.

Face Coverings: All girls and adults are required to wear disposable or cloth face coverings (masks) for any indoor, in-person gatherings at all times, except when sleeping, eating, showering, or swimming. Face coverings must also be worn if individuals from different households are traveling together in the same vehicle.

Face coverings can be removed when outdoors only when social distancing can be maintained.

Face coverings play a vital role in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many members are not old enough to receive the vaccine or have conditions that prevent them from getting the vaccine.

It is important to remind girls that Girl Scouts wear face coverings not only to protect themselves but to protect others and be a sister to every Girl Scout. It is equally important that our adult members and volunteers role model this behavior to help our girls learn what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout!

Girls should bring their own face coverings. It is recommended to have disposable masks on hand for those who need them.

GSHPA COVID-19 Prescreen: Volunteers will be required to screen all members prior to participating in any Girl Scout meeting or activity. Volunteers will ask the screening questions to all participants and log responses on the GSHPA Pre-Screen Log and maintain a copy for the duration of the current membership year and retain it for an additional 3 months. Pre-screen logs should be shredded and disposed of thereafter.

Click HERE for GSHPA's full COVID-19 guidance and requirements

Have questions about how COVID-19 is affecting Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania activities? Reach out to our Member Services team at  or via Chat on our website.