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Can't Get Out to Buy Cookies? Order Online with Digital Online Cookie!

Girl Scouts getting ready to deliver cookies to customers
Girl Scouts pick up cookies at the Mega Drop event, to deliver to customers, on March 7, 2020.

Harrisburg, PA– Thousands of Girl Scouts who are participating in the 2020 Cookie Program are deepening their virtual sales skills by using the Digital Online Cookie platform to sell cookies through May.  With the current environment restricting in-person Girl Scout Cookie Booths traditionally located at retail, civic, community and faith-based locations, girls are still pursuing their goals, developing business skills and selling to their heart’s content by using the Digital Online Cookie platform.  In fact, like millions of entrepreneurs across the country, Girl Scouts are being called upon to adapt and adjust their business model to seize new ways to connect with customers. Those life-long skills come to girls courtesy of a cookie.  

Customers can order once they have received a link from a Girl Scout to access her Digital Online Cookie page. Each girl can customize her page to share what her goals are and how she and her troop intend to use their Cookie Program proceeds.  The public is invited to email Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA at to be matched with a local troop and connect with a local Girl Scout who will send her Digital Online Cookie link directly to the customer.

“Even though our troops and girls are practicing appropriate social distancing guidelines, they still are actively providing some very good news these days, in the form of selling Girl Scout cookies using the Digital Online Cookie tool,” said Janet Donovan, president and CEO of Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania.

If customers need cookies fast, they can select direct shipping for a fee. If customers want to donate cookies to Soldier’s Angels, an organization that supports military women, men and their families, they can select that option in the ordering process.  Donations do not require shipping fees. Also without incurring a shipping fee, customers can request in-person girl delivery from the Girl Scout. Keep in mind that Girl Scouts will not be able to deliver cookies in-person until travel and social distancing restrictions are lifted.    

Digital Online Cookie has been available for girls to use for more than two years.  Many girls incorporate both the online sales tool and in-person selling such as going door-to-door, and participating in the traditional Cookie Booth option.  Now that social interaction is curtailed, girls are dramatically increasing their use of Digital Online Cookie; sending outreach emails to friends and families; and posting their Digital Online Cookie sites in private online groups.  Each girl who utilizes Digital Online Cookie does so with a parent or guardian’s assistance and practices online safety protocols.

The Cookie Program not only satisfies customers’ demand for those tasty cookies, it also provides an opportunity for Girl Scouts to develop five essential skills:
Goal Setting
Decision Making
Money Management
People Skills
Business Ethics

Customers can email Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA at to be connected to a local Girl Scout and begin ordering immediately.