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2021 Fall Fundraiser Launches

September 2021 Social Posts

You’re likely no stranger to Girl Scout Cookie Season but have you ever heard of the Fall Fundraiser Program? The Fall Fundraiser Program is a fun and engaging program that runs from September 23 – November 10, where Girl Scouts get their first taste of leadership and success by selling delicious nuts, candy, and magazine subscriptions.

Benefits of Participation

Kicking off their Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls learn how to RISE UP to their greatest potential, all while earning proceeds to fund life-changing adventures and experiences with their troop.

They develop crucial life-skills by gaining confidence, honing their communication skills, discovering what it means to be part of a team and learning the importance of a positive outlook. Through the Fall Fundraiser Program, girls will have all of the tools they need to completely run and market their business. She will be able to set up and design her own online store, track progress, personalize business cards, make a plan with her troop on how to meet their goal and so much more!

Girls learn and practice five skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics, as they earn proceeds for their Girl Scout experience and exciting rewards. 

The Fall Fundraiser Program is a great way to earn start-up funds for Girl Scout activities and projects throughout the year. Proceeds stay local to benefit our girls and community.

Along with individual recognitions, girls can create their own avatar and earn personalized and themed patches—including the crossover patch for girls who meet criteria for both the 2021 Fall Fundraiser Program and the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program. 

“Girl Scouts learn important business and leadership skills through this program including business ethics,” said Jess Delp, Director of Product Program and Retail for GSHPA. “Where else are girls in kindergarten learning business ethics!? Girl Scouts teaches invaluable lifelong lessons.”

How Can I Support Local Girl Scouts During Fall Fundraiser?

With the Fall Fundraiser Program, girls explore entrepreneurship by offering family and friends the opportunity to purchase delicious nuts, chocolates and magazines. You can help develop the female entrepreneurs of tomorrow by:

·       Purchasing from a variety of premium chocolates, gourmet candies, nuts and snack mixes

·       Subscribe to magazines and stay informed

·       Donate to benefit military and local charities and businesses

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