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Virtual Badge Day: Junior Eco Camper Badge

Fri Oct 09, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Girl Fee:

Juniors: Join us for an hour and a half Zoom session to start earning your Junior Eco Camper Badge! During this session, Girl Scouts will learn the Leave No Trace principles, discover how to plan simple eco-friendly meals, learn how to prepare a minimal impact campsite, and how to utilize these practices in the outdoors!

To complete the badge, Juniors need to apply what they learned on a nature hike or on a camping trip. Look up a few parks or forests near where you live and have your Girl Scout decide where to go! You could also rent and camp out on a Girl Scout property with your troop!

Participants will receive the Junior Eco Camper Badge in the mail after the completion of the Zoom session. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to give the badge to their Girl Scout after they complete the hiking portion of the badge.

Confirmation emails will be sent out the week before the event. This will include more detailed information about the event and the Zoom registration link.

Requirements: A Windows PC, Mac, tablet or phone with a webcam and stable internet connection.