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Daisy Launch 2022

Get ready for Kindergarten!

Start thinking about expanding her world!

Our Kindergarten Readiness program is your one-stop-shop when it comes to building social skills, keeping her moving, and giving her an extra bit of stability in this ever-changing world.  She'll build skills to help her in and out of the classroom. Whether she's dreaming up a new toy, learning about bravery, or planting a garden, you can count on Girl Scouts to meet her moments with safe, fun and educational activities.

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$35 covers a membership that is valid now through September 30, 2023. Financial assistance is available.


Just want to learn more? 

We can help there too. Click on the link above and we will put in you in touch with one of our member services representatives. 

What is a Girl Scout Daisy?

Every girl deserves to be a Girl Scout

The Girl Scout Daisy level is for girls in kindergarten or first grade.

Learn more: What is a Girl Scout Daisy? 

What Do Daisies Do?

Many things!

From planting a garden, to putting on a skit, to proudly adding that first petal to her vest! Along the way, she'll use her Daisy exuberance to help others — and she'll never forget how that feels.

Every Daisy meeting is an adventure filled with giggles, energy, and excitement.

As a Daisy, she might:

  • Make new friends as part of a troop
  • Earn petals (a.k.a., badges for Daisy level) as she embraces the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • Make a difference in her community through a Leadership Journey
  • Sell Girl Scout Cookies 
  • Explore nature and the outdoors
Events, resources and badges to help your Daisy grow
As a Daisy, your girl can participate in: 
  • Fun STEM and Outdoor activities at our four Girl Scout Camps
  • Day camps, mini camps, family camps
  • Kindergarten Readiness virtual sessions 
As a Daisy, your girl will receive: 
  • Daisy Activity Calendar
  • My Little Pony Activity Book
  • Daisy Activity Guide 
As a Daisy, your girl can start:


Volunteer Daisy

Daisy troop leaders play a key role in helping kindergarten and first grade girls explore the outdoors, grow their social skills and practice kindness and bravery. Along the  way, they deepen their connection to their community and develop their own leadership style. Whether you have a girl who’s starting as a Daisy in the fall, or you’re just ready to make a difference! It’s time to start your journey.

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Have questions about Daisies? Reach out to our Member Services team at 800-692-7816 or by email at