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Fall Product Program

The Fall Product Program is one way that Girl Scouts can super power her Girl Scout year by raising essential funds to help try new things, build new skills, and even make the world a better place! 

Get started by 'Unleashing your Hero' and clicking the image below. 


Resources to Help You Get Started

Volunteer and Juliette Resources

Fall Product Troop Leader (FPTL) Training Video. Watch now!


59 Minute Guide website and videos


59 Minute Guide  Quick Start Guide for Troops

Video Training
Important Dates


  • Fall Product Troop Liaison training and materials distribution
  • Fall Product Troop Liaison Agreements (online) due to GSHPA
  • September 15 at 11:59 p.m.: Fall Product Rally Form submission deadline


  • 2:  Fall Product Program order taking begins
  • 27:  Service Unit information must be entered into Nut-E
  • 27:  Troops' detail page must be updated in Nut-E


  • 12: Fall Product Program order taking ends
  • ____: (deadline determined by FPTL) All nut order card, paper order forms, ReachOut Booklets due to FPTL
  • 14: Nut-E is locked to FPTL's at 8:00 PM (FPTLs will still have access but not changes can be made after this date)
  • 16: Nut-E is locked to FPSULs at 8:00 PM (FPSULs will still have access to review orders in Nut-E, but no changes can be made after this date.)
  • 28: Fall Product Program Online order taking ends (QSP/Nut Online Program)
  • 30: All magazine/memory book orders and address booklets are due in the Harrisburg office
  • 30: Troops review Nut-E for any final girl recognition selections


  • 4-6: Product delivery to Service Units
  • 29:  Juliette payments due to Council
  • 29: Parent Debt Forms due


  • 5: ACH withdrawal date



Resources for Girls 

Goal-Getting Tips for Go-Getters

Girl Scouts, we know you set incredible goals when it comes to Fall Product and Cookie season. Here are some ways you can boost your sales and surpass your goals! Good luck, G.I.R.L.s! 

1. Business Cards for any #girlboss!

Download and print your very Fall Product Program business cards to help you connect to more customers. 


2. Join the 59 Minute Challenge

The 59 Minute Challenge is a quick, easy way to have fun with your fellow Girl Scouts and boost your goals! Check out the 59 Minute Challenge Quick Start Guide for Girls!

59 minute Blue Black_websmall
3. Know Your Products

Check out all the yummy goodies that you will be selling to your loyal and future customers on the 2017 Fall Product Service Order Card.

4. Leave your mark when you go door-to-door!

If you ring the bell and no one is home, leave behind a door hanger to let them know you're in business! Choose between a white door hanger and a green door hanger that you can customize! 

5. Keep movivated with our Patch Tracker! 

Download our BRAND NEW Patch Tracker to help you stay up-to-date on your patch progress!