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Fall Product Program

Get excited! The 2018-2019 Fall Product Program begins October 5th, 2018! This year’s theme is LEAD THE WAY, featuring service dogs! Throughout this year’s program, girls will learn how great leaders understand the importance of service.  

Why participate in the Fall Product program?

  • Girl Scout Product Programs teach 5 important skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, Business Ethics, and People Skills!
  • Troops earn start-up funds for all their planned activities!
  • Individual girls can earn rewards, patches, and GO! Dough
  • New products on the order card and online! 


unify logo

New! Ashdon Farms/QSP has replaced Nut-E with a new program called UNIFY. Look out for your launch email on October 2nd! From that email, you can create a UNIFY account and check out the Girl Dashboard for resources you can use to reach your goals!

*Fall Product Troop Liaisons will receive a launch email on September 17th

Fall Product Program Calendar

  • September 4th - FPSULs recieve launch email from UNIFY
  • September 4th – September 17th – Submit your entry for the Fall Product Booth Lottery!
  • September 17th – FPTLs receive launch email from UNIFY
  • September 21st – Booth Lottery winners announced!
  • October 2nd – All registered girls receive launch email from UNIFY
  • October 5th Fall Product Program begins!
  • November 4th – Last day for Junior troops and above to opt out of girl rewards (Opt-out in UNIFY!)
  • November 11th In-person sales end!
  • November 13th – FPTLs last day to make edits in UNIFY
  • November 15th – FPSULs last day to make edits in UNIFY
  • November 19th - National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – Girls who sell two or more items online on 11/19 will receive a special patch!
  • November 27th Online sales end!
  • November 29th – FPTLs last day to submit rewards in UNIFY
  • December 1st – FPSULs last day to submit rewards in UNIFY
  • December 3rd – 5 th – Product Delivered
  • December 20th – Parent Debt Form Due
  • January 4th – ACH Withdrawal
Resources for Girls and Families
Ways to participate: 
  • In person – From October 5th – November 11th, girls can take orders using their Fall Product Order Card. If your troop is participating in the Fall Product Program, you should receive this from your Fall Product Troop Liaison (FPTL). Girls can enter their in person orders into their online dashboard to keep track of their goal progress and track their rewards and patches!
  • Online – From October 5 th – November 27 th, girls have the unique opportunity to reach out to customers near and far using their own secure, online account via UNIFY. Registered girls will receive a launch email on Oct. 2nd with the link to create their UNIFY account. 
    • Didn’t receive your UNIFY launch email? Reach out to your Fall Product Troop Liaison or contact our Member Services team at or 800-692-7816.
    • New this year! From Oct. 5th – Nov. 11 th, customers can purchase nut and candy items online and avoid the shipping fee by selecting the girl delivery option. Only items on the girl order card are available for Girl Delivery! Those items will be delivered with the other in-person orders. 
    • The following resources are available online via your UNIFY Girl Dashboard:
      • Text & Share Dashboard Link
      • Design MyPatchCreation
      • Enter/Track Real-time Sales
      • Select Rewards
      • Recieve communications from your Fall Product Troop Liaison
      • Personalized Business Cards!
      • Patch and Reward Tracker!
      • Gift Bundle Ideas!
      • and more!
Liaison Resources
59 Minute Quick Start

59 Minute Quick Start - A fun and quick way to participate in the Fall Product Program. Girls spend 59 minutes calling customers to ask them to support their troop by purchasing items either via their order card or by sending them the link to order online. The 59 Minute Quick Start Guide can be found on your UNIFY Dashboard!

Fall Product Booths
How it works:

Troops had the opportunity to enter into a Fall Product Booth Lottery from September 4th – September 17th. Winning troops will be provided with a booth kit including product to sell at the booth. Any unsold products can be returned to GSHPA.


 Congratulations Fall Product Booth Lottery winners! Check out the video below to prepare for your booth. 


Fall Product Booth Dates:

  • October 12th, 13th, 14th
  • October 18th, 20th, 21st
  • October 26th, 27th, 28th
  • November 2nd, 3rd, 4th
  • November 9th, 10th, 11th
  • November 16th, 17th, 18th

Only troops selected through the lottery process are permitted to hold a Fall Product Booth.


Have questions about the Fall Product Program? Contact us at 800.692.7816 or by email at