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Fall Fundraiser Program

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Fall Fundraiser is a Girl Scout fundraising program facilitated by GSHPA, M2 Media Group and Trophy Nut Company. 
Girls have the opportunity to sell online magazine subscriptions and nut & candy items (online & in-person).

The Fall Fundraiser Program is an integral part of a Girl Scout’s journey toward leadership. Girls that participate in this program learn and develop essential entrepreneurial skills.

Why participate?

Decades ago, Juliette Gordon Low, Girl Scouting’s founder, was convinced that girls should learn the skills to earn their own way and contribute to troop support. She wanted girls to learn skills that would increase their self-confidence and that would add new dimensions to their lives.

The Fall Fundraiser Program not only offers a learning opportunities for individual Girl Scouts but also helps fund the entire Girl Scout experience. Proceeds from the Fall Fundraiser Program can help fund troop adventures and activities as well as give troops the means to give back to their community.

Proceeds also go toward funding programming and experiences for all GSHPA members.

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