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Fall Fundraiser Program

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GSHPA Fall Fundraiser Program (formerly known as Fall Product) is getting the ultimate makeover! With new products and new opportunities for girls and volunteers, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s Fall Fundraiser Program! 

Getting Started

To begin your Fall Fundraiser experience click on the link below as it relates to your role:

For GSHPA Fall Fundraiser Volunteers -

For Girls and Families -

*Access for girls and families will be available beginning October 9th

59 Minute Quick Start Activity
For Girls
For Volunteers
For Juliettes
M2 Training Videos
Fall Fundraiser Program Communications

Stay up-to-date on Fall Fundraiser happenings throughout the program:  

GSHPA Fall Fundraiser Program Email - September

Fall Fundraiser Support - M2


Have questions about the Fall Fundraiser Program? Contact us at 800.692.7816 or by email at