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Fall Product Program

Updates coming soon for Fall Product Program 2020!


S'mores Executive Club

What is the S'mores Executive Club?

The S’mores Executive Club, offered exclusively at GSHPA, is designed to celebrate and recognize Girl Scouts who go above and beyond in their Girl Scout Product Program efforts, including Fall Product and the Cookie Program.

What are the requirements for the 2020 S'mores Executive Club?

To be eligible for the S’mores Executive Club, girls must have sold $500 or more during Fall Product (in Fall 2018), and must sell 625 boxes or more during the Cookie Program (in Spring 2019).

What are the rewards for the 2020 S'mores Executive Club?

Once members of the S’mores Executive Club, these super powered Girl Scouts get all kinds of sweet perks! To name a few, members receive…

  • Two amusement park tickets (options available from a number of parks!)
  • 1-year membership to GSHPA (renewed automatically during Early Bird!)
  • 1-year membership to the GSHPA Product Program Advisory Board, where girls help the GSHPA Product Program team make important decisions
  • An exclusive 2019 S'mores Executive Club patch


Have questions about the Fall Product Program? Contact us at 800.692.7816 or by email at