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For Cookie Volunteers


BREAKING NEWS: Girl Scout Cookie Program extended by ONE week and will end on April 2, 2017. 



Frequently Accessed Cookie Forms


Cookie Help and Resources

Order Card and Reward Opt-Out

If your Troop wants to  Opt-Out of Cookie Rewards, please read and fill out this  form by Jan. 27, 2017. 

Check out our Girl Scout Cookie Order Card complete with rewards!

How to talk about Proceeds

Customers always ask where the Girl Scout Cookie proceeds go. You’ve asked for a quick and easy tip sheet to help answer that question and we have one for you! Take a look at our proceeds guide

Cookie Fun

Want to rent a Cookie Costume? Submit our online form! 

Your Troop can win some pretty sweet prizes when they set a goal, earn a Cookie Business Badge,  ask 100 NEW customer to buy cookies, and participate in Bling Your Booth.  Learn how with Cookie Troop 100!

It is more than just cookies! It's a Program because girls learn 5 skills! Check out   Girl Scout Cookie Program 5 Skills for Girls  to find out what girls learn, why it matters and how you can help!

Cookie Communication & Webinars
Digital Cookie

Visit the Digital Cookie website. 

Visit the Digital Cookie resource page for Girl Scouts. 



Initial Sale: Jan. 9, 2017-Jan. 29, 2017 | Booth Sale: Feb. 24, 2017-April 2, 2017 Check out our complete Cookie Timeline below!

  •  April 2nd, 2017 – Cookie Cupboards Close
  •  April 2nd, 2017 – Cookie Sale Ends
  •  April 4th, 2017 - eBudde Closes to Troop Cookie Liaisons
  •  April 6th, 2017 – eBudde Closes to Community Cookie Liaison
  •  April 11th, 2017 – All Parent Debt Forms due
  •  April 14th, 2017 – Juliette’s money is due
  •  April 21st, 2017 – ACH Withdrawal


Email our  Customer Care team to get connected to the Girl Scout Cookie Program or give us a call at 800.692.7816!