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Girl Scouts Academic Edge


Girl Scouts can support your school by delivering programs that meet Pennsylvania State Education Standards

We complement your academic curriculum and teach girls how to be a leader, inside and outside of the classroom. In Girl Scouts, girls take a hands-on approach to complement what they are learning in the classroom every day.

Learn more about the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of partnering with Girl Scouts!


Who - Girls within your school!

We know your priorities are educating students who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and social awareness to succeed and who will become active, engaged citizens in an ever-changing world.

By leading and learning in an all-girls environment with Girl Scouts, girls have the opportunity to:

  • Challenge their fears
  • Problem solve
  • Work collaboratively

All of this occurs while understanding how to:

  • Manage their emotions
  • Establish positive relationships
  • Gain a sense of belonging—which we know our students need right now

Girl Scouts teaches girls the skills that they will need today and through their entire academic journey - into college and onto a rewarding career.

What - Girl Scouts Academic Edge Program includes:
  • Girl Scout Staff Facilitator paid by GSHPA
  • All Program Supplies needed to complete activities included in the 5 week experience
  • Five sessions offered at a time convenient for your organization
  • A Girl Scout Membership valid through September 30, 2022, enabling each girl to take advantage of additional Girl Scout programming or be eligible for summer camp
When - GSHPA will work with you to create a program that works for you and your students.

You choose the time! We can facilitate our programs during:

  • A lunch/recess session
  • During the school day
  • After school

You choose the program! We offer four different tracks of Girl Scouts Academic Edge.

  • Life Skills
  • Outdoors (done in an indoor setting)
  • Leadership Skills
Where - your location!

Our program staff brings these engaging programs to your building!

Why - Why not?

At no cost to you, our standards aligned programming works hand-in-hand to enrich the academic skills girls gain everyday by giving them a safe space to practice STEM & life skills, become entrepreneurs, and explore the outdoors.

Research shows Girl Scouts are more likely to:

  • Earn excellent grades
  • Demonstrate higher academic aspirations
  • Show a higher interest and involvement in their community
  • Have a stronger sense of self

As active members of your community and school, girls will be better prepared for life’s challenges.

How - How does it all come together?

Easy! Let us know that you want to start a conversation about bringing Girl Scouts Academic Edge to your school or organization by completing our signup form.


A bit more… How Girl Scouts Benefits Girls and Families

Our goal is for girls learn to think critically about different issues and to solve problems together.

We encourage teamwork and collaboration as much as we encourage independence and self-discovery.

Here, a girl learns to believe in herself as well as count on her community for support. She works as part of a team, brings people with varying perspectives together to devise solutions, and respects and appreciates the views of others as much as she does her own.

Do you have more questions about the Girl Scouts Academic Edge program and how we can work together? Please email the Program Team