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Make New Friends 2022

Ready to help girls enter and succeed in kindergarten? 

Little girls are about to take a BIG step!

Parents want to make sure they do everything they can to prepare their girls for Kindergarten with confidence. For the benefit of your families and girls, consider this amazing FREE opportunity.

Make New Friends is:

  • A fun, four-part virtual and/or in-person series
  • A program designed to boost Pre-K girls’ social skills and self-confidence
  • A proven way to help girls learn how to focus and thrive in her new Kindergarten classroom

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) seeks schools and daycares to host the Make New Friends Kindergarten Readiness Experience. We host the series for your girls in the most convenient way for you – directly at your school and/or through your virtual channels.

  • GSHPA staff come to your school to deliver four, 30-minute sessions to your girls. We bring all of the supplies and fun! All we need from you is a space and the girls.
  • If you prefer, we host sessions virtually as well. Teachers would simply log the girls onto the virtual platform, and we take care of the rest!

Research shows that girls who participate in Girl Scout programs are more likely to:

  • Earn excellent grades.
  • Demonstrate higher academic aspirations.
  • Have a stronger sense of self.

Make New Friends is free and open to all girls and their families heading into Kindergarten this Fall – no Girl Scout membership is needed. Families will receive additional resources after each session to continue skill-development with their girl.

Additional opportunities:

Invite GSHPA to partner with your existing Kindergarten readiness events!  Options include:

  • GSHPA provides hands-on activities for girls to engage
  • GSHPA conducts a Make New Friends experience alongside your own
  • GSHPA joins in your summer camp experience, providing 30 minute to 1 hour activity for multiple consecutive days

How do you get started? 

Reach out to the program team ( to learn more about how Girl Scouts can help prepare your girls for Kindergarten.