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Invest In Your Favorite Camp 

The Outdoors is IN!


Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA is excited to welcome back hundreds of girls to all four camps this summer because the outdoors is IN! We need your help so we can finish needed repairs to sustain our camp properties, which are key to Girl Scouts’ educational outcomes. Girls who experience the outdoors can better solve problems and overcome challenges. They develop leadership skills, build social bonds and are happier overall.

These girl-led outdoor efforts strengthen our communities and sustain our environment. GSHPA’s camp properties provide the perfect classroom for such learning. Won’t you consider a donation to support your favorite camp?

Your donation to these projects can be the difference in a girls’ camping experience.

Camp appeal
  • Greenwood Unit at Camp Archbald, the second oldest Girl Scout camp in the country, is home to a troop house that was built in 1954, sustaining campers and troops for decades. Greenwood’s needed repairs will allow the unit to re-open for reservations.
  • A future Small Activity Pavilion at Camp Happy Valley, near Skyloft, will provide covered space for girls to have free time or participate in a variety of camp activities.
  • A new roof for the Morning Star Pavilion at Camp Furnace Hills, provides needed canopy coverage so girls can still be outside in high-noon heat or when it’s raining. A new kitchen and stone fireplace keeps Morning Star viable for decades to come.
  • A new Small Activity Pavilion at Camp Small Valley will replace the current temporary tent structure that has outlived its years of service.

Your help ensures that the properties remain part of Girl Scouts’ future outdoor programming needs, allowing our girls to socialize, have fun and continue to explore the world. 

Your investment in our camps is an investment in their future. 

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