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Girl Scout Badges


What’s that? You’ve always wanted to…

Make your own movie, build a robot, cook food from a different country, go geocaching, sleep under the stars, write a book of short stories, plant a garden?

Invent something new, paint a masterpiece, be a good neighbor, take amazing nature photographs, make your bedroom into a jungle, run a business, go on an adventure trip?

Become a design engineer, camp with your troop, build a wooden bench, learn to play a musical instrument, or design a website?

Great news! You can learn to do all these things and earn Girl Scout badges as you go. 

Check out our new STEM and Outdoor Journeys and badges. Looking for even more? Visit the Award and Badge Explorer to get details on every badge a Girl Scout can earn.

2021 New Cookie Badges
  • My First Cookie Business - Daisies find out how to run their very own business as they learn cookie business basics—including exploring their products, deciding how to use their money, and connecting with customers as they develop their first business pitch.
  • Cookie Goal Setter - Daisies work as a team to decide how to use their money, set a goal, and track their goal. They also learn how to share their goal with customers, both in person and online.
  • My Cookie Customers - Brownies find out what’s new this cookie season as they brainstorm ways to use their cookie money and set a goal. Then they decide how to reach new customers and keep them coming back, using great customer service and an inspiring business pitch.
  • Cookie Decision Maker - Brownies practice their decision-making skills as they learn all about the available selling tools and pick the right ones for them. They work together to decide how to use their money—including setting a giving goal. Then they choose how to share their cookie spirit and goals with customers.
  • My Cookie Team - Juniors discover that the secret to success is teamwork as they work together to decide how to use their cookie money, build their own budget, set a team goal, share team responsibilities, and promote their plan to customers.
  • Cookie Collaborator - Juniors take teamwork to the next level as they look within and beyond their troop for support in reaching their goals. They collaborate with their customers as they find ways to better understand their customers' needs.
  • My Cookie Venture - Cadettes make connections between their cookie business and other types of businesses as they create their own mission statement. They think about ways to reach customers, share their mission, and document their goals in a business plan.
  • Cookie Market Researcher - Cadettes use market research to find new ways to reach customers. Girls research the Girl Scout Cookie brand and find out how to leverage the power of that brand to market their business. They use their new market research skills and brand knowledge to develop a marketing plan and put that plan into action.
  • Cookie Innovator - Cadettes become business innovators as they learn to innovate in two ways. First they come up with bigger and bolder goals than ever before. They they find unique ways to reach their goals, connect with customers, and share their dreams—all while staying true to their values.
  • My Cookie Network - Seniors think about how to leverage their network, including their team customers and people who support their cookie business. They learn about other socially-conscious companies as they think about how to leverage and tailor their cookie business messages to different audiences.
  • Cookie Boss - Seniors gain new skills as they take charge of their business, managing all business logistics. They set goals, create a budget, manage inventory, and create pitches to market their business—all while working as a team.
  • My Cookie Business Resume - Ambassadors gain new marketing skills as they learn to leverage data, experts, and past experiences to drive their plan. Then they translate their skills into a resume and portfolio that they can use to prepare for the future.
  • Cookie Influencer - Ambassadors charge of their own skill development by choosing a business skill they’d like to grow as they lead their last cookie business. They learn what it means to be an influencer and how to use that skill to spread the word about the power of Girl Scout Cookies. Then they decide how to leave behind a legacy as they share their knowledge and connections with younger cookie entrepreneurs.
2021 Math in Nature Badges
  • Badge 1 - Shapes in Nature - Girl Scouts observe and track the world around them, going on scavenger hunts in nature to find shapes and patterns in natural objects. They learn about concepts like symmetry and tessellation.
  • Badge 2 - Numbers in Nature - Girl Scouts explore time and measurement as they use math to understand more about the natural world around them. They do activities such as listen to crickets to tell the temperature and create their own natural units of measure.
  • Badge 3 - Design with Nature - Girl Scouts use all they’ve learned to do and create things for the outdoors, such as nectar feeders for butterflies or hummingbirds and hiking maps.
2021 Digital Leadership Badges
  • One badge per level for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors - At each level, Girl Scouts look at what a community and leader is both online and in the real world. They consider how they already use technology and how they can use it to empower themselves and others. They learn digital literacy basics like not sharing personal information as well as digital wellness skills as they consider how to react and respond to situations like bullying and digital advertising. They then use all they’ve learned to create a digital product to raise awareness about a topic or cause they care about.
2021 Global Awards
  • World Thinking Day - 1 award for Daisies–Juniors and 1 award for Cadettes–Ambassadors: Girl Scouts celebrate World Thinking Day (February 22) by discovering a new theme each year, connecting with the global sisterhood of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, and being active in their communities. The draft meetings for World Thinking Day will be available by early June.
  • Global Action Award - 1 award for Daisies–Juniors and 1 award for Cadettes–Ambassadors: Girl Scouts participate in activities that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being and Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities as they promote good health and sustainable cities in their communities and beyond.