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Girl Scout Cookie Volunteers

*COVID-19 Precautions: All Girl Scout Cookie booths are cancelled ONLY through March 27, in alignment with the school closing schedule. Be aware that the cookie booth cancellation timeline may be extended, as we progress through the next two weeks. 

Customers can still support Girl Scouts by utilizing the Digital Cookie online program where customers can have cookies shipped directly to them, delivered by a Girl Scout at a later date, or donate to Soldiers’ Angels through our Gift of Caring program.

Hey, Cookie Volunteers! The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world, and we know it's not possible without you! In 2020, we're here to help you help your girls WOW the World!


    Cookie ACH NOW MAY 15TH.

Ebudde is where you will manage your cookie program. Enter sales, keep track of payments, select rewards, and get approval for cookie booths, caravans, and house parties! Click on the logo to get started. 



Download the Ebudde Troop App for your Apple or Android device to access Ebudde on the go!


Set troop goals and keep track of girls' online success with Digital Cookie. Access our Digital Cookie Tip Sheets for Leaders for help getting started. 


ebudde Website Training Videos

Ebudde Snip It: Logging Into Ebudde

Troop Sales Report - Reviews the Sales Report tab in eBudde. Use this tab to review cookie sales data, number of packages the troop has received, and proceeds.  *GSHPA does not utilized deposits in eBudde - Deposits made not applicable to GSHPA troops.*

Service Unit Reports - (*Not for troops) Reviews how to run a Service Unit report in eBudde. *Troop Deposits not applicable to GSHPA*

Service Unit Girl Rewards - (*Not for troops) Reviews how to submit initial and final rewards for the Service Unit.

Pending Order Transactions - GSHPA incorporates pending orders. Reviews what information can be found on the transaction tab and how to filter through orders. 

Troop Reward Orders - Reviews how to view initial rewards and specify a girls preference for final rewards. 

Troop Manage Booth Sites - Reviews checking status of troop sponsored booths.

Troop Booth Sales - Reviews how to record sales from a Cookie Booth.

Troop Initial Orders - Reviews how to enter girls initial order and any additional cookies for the troop.

Troop Girl Orders - Reviews the Girl Orders tab, how to enter additional sales for a girl after the initial order and how to track payment submitted to the troop by girl/parent.

Troop Delivery Confirmation - Reviews how to select your delivery time for picking up your initial order. Delivery location and dates have been preselected for each troop. 

Troop Booth Sign Ups - Reviews how to sign up/search for a GSHPA (Council) Sponsored booth.

eBudde Troop App Training Videos

Booth Sales Site Request - Reviews how to sign up for a booth when using the eBudde Troop App.

Transactions - Reviews how to view and add transactions when using the eBudde Troop App.

Initial Girl and Troop Cookie Orders - Reviews how to enter the girls/troop initial order when using the eBudde Troop App.

Delivery and Pickup Scheduling - Reviews how to select delivery time for picking up your initial order when using the eBudde Troop App. Delivery location and dates have been preselected for each troop.

Dashboard - Reviews different features of the dashboard when using the eBudde Troop App.

Booth Sale Results - Reviews how to enter sales during a Cookie Booth when using the eBudde Troop App.


Have questions about being a Cookie Volunteer? Contact your local membership staff or reach out to our Member Services team at or 800-692-7816.